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Another Release [08-10-2004]

Finally, I have ended another iteration. I'm a bit late, but it's working ok.

New Features are group editting/deleting and management of messages that arrive from friends which are not identified as playing characters.

New Release [02-07-2004]

Finally, I have ended the next iteration. I'm very happy that I ended it 3 weeks before schedule :D.

New Features are group creation and the ability to talk to any group or character. The application has changed a lot, also. Now you can see always a Contacts Window, where you have the Characters and Groups created. You can click on any and talk to them! Easy, ain't it?

Working Again!!! [29-06-2004]

As I expected, jYMsg has already been patched and everything's come to normality again. Alpha 2 release has been updated, the only change is this patch. The incoming release is also connecting, but it's incomplete, so you'll have to wait. Sorry.

Login is not working :( [25-06-2004]

Sad, but true. Apparently, Yahoo! has changed again the log-in protocol, so the jYMsg API used by RoVY stopped working. The good news are, last time this happened, it took only four days before the problem was solved. Let's hope it'll be not working only for a few days. I'll upload a new release as soon as this problem is solved.

Alpha 2 Released! (aboleth) [25-05-2004]

Al last, there is an alpha version to be tried.

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