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What's RoVY?

RoVY is a client for Game Masters (of Role Playing Games) to control an online Game Session. Players can connect via their favorite Yahoo! client (Yahoo! Messenger, Gaim, Trillian, Jabber, etc.) and the Master can talk to all of them as a group. Or s/he can talk to only one (to keep something secret) or a sub-group when the whole group separates.

RoVY will have support to see session logs, so the Master can remember what every Character has done, to keep a history of the adventure, etc.

RoVY should also help the Master to manage additional information for the adventure, like maps, Non-Player Characters' STATS (even Player Characters', so they cannot lie to the Master ;)), tables, weapon prices, etc.


The features specified until now for RoVY are:

  • Selecting a group out of the GM's Y! Friends, to begin a session.
  • Messaging with the whole group.
  • Creating sub-groups.
  • Messaging with any sub-group, or individual character.
  • Editting and deleting sub-groups
  • Logging sessions.
  • Filtering (online or on the logs.)
  • Adding characters "on the fly."
  • Managing additional information

Currently, only the first five features are working (alpha 4 - allip.)


To download the last version of RoVY (from sourceforge) click here, or, if you want to see all releases, go to the project filelist